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Simply Do It!

outlookPriorityHave you ever had a day when you just simply want to go home? Or just simply prefer to paper shuffle?

I did. Just a week ago, I was avoiding making calls, just simply killing time until I felt it was an appropriate time to go home. My outlook task list had enough for me to keep checking off my list. The past due tasks were highlighted in red and buried within these past due tasks were calls to a few hot prospects. Hours went by and I simply chose to ignore making the calls – and the clock struck 4:00 pm. I felt good, just a few more minutes and I would pack up and call it a day.

Well, who motivates the motivator? I do! I told myself I could not leave until I called a three people on my list. One of the three called me back within 10 minutes of my message. We spoke; he had heard what we did for the referrals sales team and hired us on the spot.

What’s the morale of my story? Simply do it! Do it even when you don’t want to. Manage your activity! Even when you don’t feel like it, set a commitment to do some things in the areas that lead to making money. Make a simple goal for a few calls for appointments or even referrals every day.


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While independence with selling is a virtue, it comes with responsibility.

The accountability can be broken into 3 areas.

1.  Manage time in a way where you are doing high performing activities during key selling times.

2.  Monitor your activity.  If results are not where they should be, analyze what is happening in the sales process.  The numbers do tell a story.

3.  Remember the more you learn, the more you earn.  Realize that professionals, who read (especially books by experts in their field); earn more than those who do not choose to “read to succeed.”

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  • Does your business have fires that are getting out of control?
  • Are you afraid your resources are being squandered?
  • Do you have employee performance problems?
  • Do your managers do tasks that should be delegated to someone else?It is Okay to Be the Boss

We recently added a new management program called It’s OK to be the Boss based on Bruce Tulgan‘s book of the same title to the Peak Performance Solutions store (flyer).  In business today, the importance of leadership is stressed in order to empower employees to excel in the workplace and help the organization to: improve processes, cut costs, innovate, and of course profit. In the video below, Tulgan explains his background and some of the reasons why management is still important in business today. According to Tulgan, the biggest problem in the workplace today is an under-management epidemic affecting managers at all levels of the organization and in all industries.

Both his book and the training program provide a clear, step-by-step guide to becoming a strong manager that employees need. Bosses everywhere are challenged to: spell out expectations, tell employees exactly what to do and how to do it, monitor and measure performance constantly, correct failure quickly and reward success even more quickly. Tulgan conducted a work study:  “The Most Effective Business Strategy in 2009 was Increased Supervision and Management.”  Along with great leadership, Tulgan believes that good managers should use these management steps to set employees up for success as well as help them to earn what they need.

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Mary Anne Davis (aka Wihbey with  Twitter handle WebeSelling), the author of  The Sales Messenger  book  shares 3 minutes of tips on tiem management and hitting sales quotas.

KEY POINTS:  Plan your work and work your plan (from chapter 1 of book) and

Daytme is SELLING TIME, not adim time.

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Waking up feeling behind already?  Make the most of your selling and business time.  Focus on the Key Result or the High Payoff areas.    Try prioritizing your “to-do’s” for the day and then color code them.

  • Green reflects making money (high payoff)outlookPriority
  • Red reflects administrative
  • Orange leads to your long term objectives and goals
  • Blue is your own time off

I simply outline my tasks in Outlook, color code them; and if the red outweighs the green, ask yourself what can you delegate or I pick a few green items and get them “checked off”.

For more details on how the color coding system works, see my article:  Color-Coding Means Better Time Management in Business and Sales or guest post Color-Coding To Improve Work-Life Balance.

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goalDEFIf you don’t know where you are going, you may never get there!

The new year is the best time to determine what it is you really need to do so you can meet your specific goals.  There is only one way to do it and it break down your numbers into an achievable figure that is in front of you monthly, weekly and daily.  Identify your working days for the year (be realistic) and divide that by your goal. Set up your monthly tracking.

When you know what you need to do, monitor and measure it daily.  There is a science to selling and your numbers will reveal all.

Keep track of every dial, every contact, every scheduled appointment and every kept appointment. Then keep track of the number of your fact-finding appointments, how many you closed, and how many agreed to buy your product or service.  Tally this information on a form similar to the example template below.  However, this is not just another form to fill out. This information is vital to improve your sales process.



Appointments Completed Fact-Finding



You might also color code your calendar activities to ensure you are spending time doing the things that pay off.  To get a good start, focus solely for 90 days on the “key result areas” — things that will make you money.  Focusing on these key result areas might mean sacrificing some things that are already planned, but it is the only way to get control of your schedule. Otherwise your schedule will control you.

Next Time:  Look forward to our information on The Sales Process and what you must accomplish before moving to the next step.

** These sales messages are excerpted from the book,  The Sales Messenger by Mary Anne Davis.  The Sales Messenger is a back-to-the-basics guide on how to sell any idea, product or service.

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Do you find it tough to smile when the wind is blowing against you and the tide is against the current?

Do you wonder how you can take or make that next call?

Do you wish you had the energy to do that “one thing?”

Whether you are in sales, a job transition, or just trying to get through the day, this post is designed to deliver ten concrete tips to give you the guidance and push you need.

Along with often being asked where I get my energy, I regularly get asked how I stay mentally up even when things are down.  The answer can be found in two key similar but yet slightly different concepts:   attitude and enthusiasm.

I truly believe attitude is something you wear — something you put on in the morning — just like a piece of clothing.  My clients and audience both expect me to have a good attitude.  Employers expect their employees to maintain a good attitude — along with a professional demeanor — throughout each day.  Simply stated, you have to leave the personal baggage at the door.  Positive attitude is demonstrated by a smile, treating co-workers and customers with respect.  Conversely, poor attitude can be experienced by others as someone who is easily irritable and cranky.  No one likes to be around others who are continually whining or complaining.  Those with positive auras and personalities attract and those perceived with negative or moody dispositions repel.

The Sales Messenger book

The Sales Messenger book

Enthusiasm on the other hand cannot be an act or instantaneously “put on.”  The definition for enthusiasm comes from the Greek word entheous which translates to “God within.”  In other words, whatever beliefs you have within drive your outward energy and appearance.  Unlike attitude, enthusiasm cannot be “put on” as a self-generated façade.  Enthusiasm is not “faking it until you make it.”  It comes from authentically looking in the mirror and liking the reflection you see.  It comes from loving your work and using your God-given talents and abilities the best you can, wherever you can.

Following, I will share how to take action in order to maintain a positive attitude no matter whether you have a case of the occasional blues or life circumstances create adversity beyond your control.

Ten Tips for Maintaining a Winning Attitude

  1. Seize the day: Be an early riser and take control of the day before your day controls you. Set alarms, set your coffee to auto brew, or ask someone for a wake up call.
  2. Feed your mind like you would your body:  Your brain needs nourishment. If you are down, avoid the news and the papers. Important information will find its way to you.  Fill your mind with motivational / inspirational messages.  You can also listen to uplifting music.  When I am down, my theme songs are “Get on Your Feet” by Gloria Estefan and “You’ve Got to Get up Every Morning”, by Carole King. And, to my husband’s chagrin, I play them over and over and sing aloud too.
  3. Feed your body: Let it work for you, even when you are not working. Stress and depression can take a toll on our physical well being. Eat healthy and take those daily vitamins.  I am big Juice Plus+ fan.
  4. Energize through exercise: Engage in physical fitness… even if it is only 15 minutes a day and do not forget those few deep breaths.
  5. Avoid whining and complaining:  Share your plight and gain some empathy, but know when it is time to let it go and move forward.
  6. Put on your Sunday best: When you are down, there is no better energizer than a good compliment. Look your absolute best, even when casual.  It is nice to hear that “you look nice,” even when you do not feel good.
  7. Put on your smile:  It can be heard.  Recently I was fighting a challenging situation, and I told myself to just keep smiling.  I checked into the same hotel for the third time in 3-months and the front desk manager said, “Welcome, here you are again… with your smile.”  The outside showed something different than the inside, but her compliment disarmed what was brewing inside me.
  8. Cry after 5:  Just do it. Make your plan and work your plan.  Cry after 5 means put your best foot forward throughout your working hours and give yourself permission to grieve, mope or whatever else you might be feeling, but do it after5:00 PM.
  9. Dial a “perk me up.” Call someone who lifts you up just to hear their voicemail. You will find it might give you a lift and a little smile.
  10. Leave with your flags flying:  If you are thinking of quitting anything in life, make it your best effort to quit when you are on top. Give yourself permission to quit only when you know in your heart that you gave it 110%.

We all have to jumpstart our attitude at times by acting as if it were so.  Look for my next piece on how to truly create an enthusiastic life where you are energized, empowered and excited to do the things you love to do.

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