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Call Center OperatorDo you ever procrastinate making that sales call? How often do you wish your rep’s would just “get on the phone”? Would it help to know how to make a cold call warm?

Below are two ways you can turn a cold call into a warm lead:

  • Use social connections. Understand and believe in the power of six degrees of separation.   Use LinkedIn as a resource to see who you know that may know the prospect and will be kind enough to help with an introduction.   Then utilize the personal connection with current clients by asking if they may know a person you are trying to reach inside their organization or in the company you are trying to gain as a new customer.  If they do, ask for an introduction. This takes work on your end, but you can easily turn cold calls into warm leads this way.
  • Ask for Referrals. I am amazed at how many people walk away from a satisfied customer forgetting to ask for referrals. You know this; they are the best avenue in when calling. A person is more inclined to talk to you if you have a common friend or relation than if you are a complete stranger.  I challenge you to look at your prospect list, ask yourself if you are satisfied with the number of referrals on this list.  Based on your particular business, create a Project 100 or 200.  They say the average number of people at a funeral or wedding is 250.   Build up your base of referrals to the number you feel needed to get ramped up.

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Did you know that Facebook has over a billion users, LinkedIn has over 200 million , and Twitter has over 200 million active users?

What does that all mean to you?    If you are not tapping into the social selling frenzy, your competitors are and you could be missing potential customers.

networksocial.jpgSo where should you be when it comes to social networking?  Start by talking to your current customers to find out what networks they use to build and maintain their business and personal relationships.  Also ask where they go in order to educate themselves and learn about new products/services that can help them perform their own jobs better.   Pay close attention to their answers, those are the networks waiting for you.  The chances are pretty good that their partners (and competitors too) are on the same networks.  Tap into those particular social networks to prospect for new business and continue to build relationships with your current client base and watch what your competitors do.

You may not know all there is to know about social media and selling – do not let that stop you.  Fortunately there are helpful sources for businesses to leverage this trend on the web and in books like the The Zen of Social Media Marketing plus many other new books.  Before embarking on a social journey to improve your selling or marketing skills on any network, check out the Solution Selling Blog for 9 Tips on What Good Social Selling Looks Like and The Social Selling Manifesto infographic.

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In short video below, Jill Konrath (the author of SNAP Selling) suggests 3 ideas to use LinkedIn to increase you call returns five fold.
1. Check contacts to determine if you know any of the same people.
2. Have your mutual connection call your prospect.
3. Build relationaships so you can contact with a personal connection.

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The Sales Messenger book

The Sales Messenger book

I have done another guest post on a different business tips blog. This blog has a group on LinkedIn and contains posts from experts in the areas of business, careers, leadership, lifestyle, marketing, social media, and technology. My post topic Yes SBO, Everybody Must Sell! offers four questions that Small Buisness Owners (SBO) should ask themselves if they are not seeing the sales they desire:
1. Are you building an ongoing relationship?
2. What value do you offer the customer?
3. Are you hard-selling the customer?
4. Do you use the words “but” or “however” when the customer raises an objection?
The DailyBlogma post provides quick tips from my book “The Sales Messenger” to help an SBO plan a different sales process to make sue they “make the sale” instead of just telling the customer what they want to sell. Feel free to add any lessons you have learned related to sales or running a small business via a comment posting on that blog posting or on this post at Peak Perfromance Solutuions.

I was also interviewed by another podcast blogger, Tony Michalski, this month in one of his teleseminars. This time it was an hour with Master Key Coaching on a few of the selling secrets in my book. I hope you find the link below to the recorded podcast from that interview helpful – Interview with Mary Anne Wihbey-Davis, Author of The Sales Messenger.

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